After the changes in the Rules for applying the Law for Encouraging Investments, it becomes possible to issue certificates for class A and B investments to projects in the services sector. Such certificates can be given to projects with comparatively low value of investment but which will open many new jobs. Surveys...

According to an actuarial report from the National Security Institute the correlation between the pension and the insurance income will decrease, currently being 45% and becoming 34% around 2037. To compensate for the deficit the social security payments should become 35% of the income of the working individuals.

It is expected that the so called "golden VAT register" will start functioning in 2013. The scrupulous taxpayers will be entered in the register and the due VAT will be recovered by the state to those taxpayers within 10 days. It is stll not clear, however, what the criteria for including companies in the register w...

From the beginning of 2013 every taxpayer will have a unified tax account which will show all his payments and liabilities. The main advantage of the account is considered to be the single payment instruction that will be used for paying all the tax and social security liabilities for the month. The main fear associ...

The value of the brandname Allianz has increased with 16 % and now costs 6.2 billion dollars. It moved up 5 places in the ranking for the current year, ranking 62nd. Currently 600 000 people - employees, agents and partners serve 76 million clients of Allianz all over the world.


Unemployment rises faster in Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. The highest level of unemployment is in Spain (25.1%) and the lowest is in Austria (4.5%). The average youth unemployment rate for the Union is 22.5%.


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