Bulgaria, together with Columbia, Peru, Vietnam, Turkey and the Republic of South Africa, is among the most promissing markets for business transfer, especially in the IT sphere. Its close location to Western Europe, low taxes and comparatively good language skills are the strengths of our country, while the low and...

The global economy will begin its recovery in the second half of 2013 and will bgadually start to grow in 2014 - this is the prognosis of Glodman Sachs. The bank analysts believe that the countries from Central and Eastern Europe will fully overcome the consequences from the crisis.


The news was announced by Asen Vassilev, the Minister of Economics. The tax environment and good professionals are the reason for the company to choose Bulgaria for its centre. it is epected Coca Colla will hire about 150 Bulgarians.


After the problems in Greece and the actual collapse of the bank system in Cyprus, some disturbing signals are seen about serious problems in the bank sector of Slovenia and Croatia. Some specialists in the field raize alarm that Serbia and Macedonia also have serious disbalances in that area. In this environment, t...

After the changes in the Rules for applying the Law for Encouraging Investments, it becomes possible to issue certificates for class A and B investments to projects in the services sector. Such certificates can be given to projects with comparatively low value of investment but which will open many new jobs. Surveys...

According to an actuarial report from the National Security Institute the correlation between the pension and the insurance income will decrease, currently being 45% and becoming 34% around 2037. To compensate for the deficit the social security payments should become 35% of the income of the working individuals.

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